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Making finest of the chocolates with the help of recipes passed down from one generation to another in a dedicated pursuit to perfecting the most loved recipe on the planet is our everyday promise we thrive to keep. Our story began with one person’s passion to create healthy chocolate recipes for people of all age groups.

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Milk Chocolate

Thins a smooth sophisticated, creamy squeeze mixed with nuts, spice and everything nice. A strongly flavored delight makes a plate licking healthy quick snack!

Coral is a dense, dark and sensuously delicious lip smacking smooth will charm your senses by melting even before you realize it.

Perfection is every bite is symmetry of goodness of frozen chocolate with finely chopped precisely selected

Cosmopolitan welcomes the world citizens with a mixed taste of dark chocolate and salted caramel leaving a sensuous tingling taste.

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sugar free chocolate

Pistachios rolled in the delicate gold porcelain is the rich, smooth and sophisticated Mexican chocolate fudge dipped in the thinly cut pistachios.

Smooth is a soft, regal and delicate chocolate coat with a delicately tender soft silk filling adorned on the top.

Hazel is a tiny delightful cube filled with the nut flavor to dazzle your senses. The irresistible snack is soft, sweet but without any sugar.

Amanda is a sensuously pleasant Almond rich soft snack which exudes delightfully pleasant flavors leaving you weak on your knees.

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Cigar,Hazelman cream dipped in milk chocolate

The cigar is a crunchy outside filled with rich smooth chocolate smooth inside made of fine Belgian chocolate leaves a sweet delicate chocolate after taste on taste buds.

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chessecake tarts with milk chocolate

Blush has the juiciest of farm fresh strawberries buried in the sensuous mix of chocolate syrup sitting on a crunchy crispy delightful crust.

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Premium dates

Medjool dates are a natural power fruit and a healthy natural sweetener known for its health benefits is a godsend gift to humanity. All natural grown, handpicked, quality tested, packed with care to ensure lasting freshness and sweetness.

Khudri dates are thick, stuffy, chewy soft dates, uniform dark brown colored; plump uniform and dark brown taste like caramel with rich in fiber chewy consistency, exhuming lingering sweetness for a long time.

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